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Thin, prune, or remove trees quickly and efficiently. Our equipment allows us to reach trees in tight/tricky spaces.

Pruning & Removals

Reduce tree height to regain your view, or strategic pruning can encourage growth in the directions you want.

View Restoration

Clear a site of trees and vegetation to make space for your dream home or commercial project. 

Site Clearance

Remove stumps and roots to avoid regeneration. When left in situ roots can penetrate plumbing, or interfere with landscaping plans.

Stump Grinding

Keep your garden presentable with a regular trim. Our team have a keen eye for straight lines, are detail oriented and work quickly. 

Hedge Trimming

Remove unwanted bamboo  sooner rather than later. While it is often used as a fast-growing privacy hedge, this noxious weed spreads quickly. 

Bamboo Removal

Draw attention to the trees in your residential or commercial property. Enjoy them in the evenings with some professionally-installed mood lighting. 

Tree Installations

Have a sad or sickly tree on your hands? Worry not, we've seen it all before and we can advise on the best treatment to get your vegetation back in ship shape.


The easiest way to remove unwanted branches and trimmings is by turning them into wood chips. From here it's transported away and recycled.


Tree Bracing

Bracing & cabling provide a support system and protect vulnerable limbs and branches by limiting movement.


Whether it's a storm-damaged tree, a drone, or your cat risking one of its nine lives, we'll send a qualified arborist to help. 

All Services

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This service requires special authorisation that only few companies in Auckland have. If you are looking for this service we recommend you ask for evidence of authorisation.


If a tree is on a berm then it is owned by the council and any work needs to be authorised by them. We get dozens of enquiries asking if we can make exceptions on this and the answer is always no, sorry!

Council Trees

We know our strengths and stick to them. We'll be happy to recommend another local company with the right equipment to help out. 

Tree Transplanting







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