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View Restoration

Reduce tree height to regain your view and prune strategically to encourage growth in the directions you want.

Urban Arborists can help by trimming, shaping and pruning trees to get back that beautiful view. Removal of low-hanging limbs and weight reduction can benefit the tree's growth.

The Urban Arborists Difference

At Urban Arborists, we picture ourselves in your shoes and what your requirements may be when wanting to re-establish that luxury view. 

Preservation first

We do everything we can to make sure the trees are pruned for long-term health. There's no point having a lovely view this year if the outlook will be dead/dying trees next year.  We consult with you through this process to make sure we're on the same page, and everyone's happy. 

Expert Advice

A well-placed cut will encourage new growth in different directions. Our team have years of experience behind them to masterfully prune your tree for your long-term viewing pleasure, and also for the health of the tree. 


We'll contact you to arrange a suitable time and date to undertake the trimming and make the proposed works fit around you. 

We leave your property tidy

After completing your job our team will clean up the site, removing any debris. The whole area is raked and blasted with the leafblower so it looks immaculate when we leave. 

We take matters seriously

Urban Arborists prioritise safety and care at all times. We're fast because we're experienced. We do not cut corners. As members of Site Safe, IMPAC and the New Zealand Arboricultural Association, we uphold our obligations of safety and care at all times. 

Have a stunning view that is being eclipsed by a fast-growing tree or sapling? Is the view not looking the same as it did last year? The team at Urban Arborists offer view restoration as a service and regularly prunes trees to reveal landmarks such as the sky tower, Rangitoto Island or several of Auckland's beaches and coastlines. 

Time to give Urban Arborists a call?


"The boys at Urban Arborists are amazing. On time, friendly and professional. Done in half a day with mess cleared. Totally recommend these guys and the price was very reasonable."
- K Forrester


"Once again a superbly professional job with great communication, showed up right on time and completed all the work to a high standard leaving everything looking immaculate . All the neighbour's are now Urban Arborist converts!" 

- C Lindsay


"Jed and his team displayed a degree of professionalism rarely seen these days alongside a high degree of attention to detail and safety together with excellent communication. I would recommend them without hesitation as the most courteous, diligent and professional team that exist in tree work." 

- A Mcbryde


"Great communication from Jed alongside a friendly and hard-working team. They did a great job bringing our small jungle back under control and weren't phased with the reasonably tricky access and some pretty tall trees."

- J Osbourn


"They followed the pre-discussed brief to the letter, were knowledgeable about our trees, friendly and professional, The results were better than what we expected, particularly on the view restoration. I would re-employ without hesitation"

- B Nelson






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